Our Solution

Tight commercial drivers demand fresh-thinking, creative solutions and a bold approach to success.

Paratus responds to the fundamental shift in the insurance industry, for faster, more cost-efficient outcomes. A unique force in claims management – Paratus is changing the game to provide real solutions in a constantly evolving landscape.  How do we do it?

The Paratus Pathway.

Our difference lies in our Pathway approach. The Paratus Pathway is managed by claims experts with combined decades at the forefront of claims solutions.

We take claims on a journey to rapid resolution, with the benefit of legal and risk integration, and fixed-fee certainty.

Integrated legal partner
Partnering with HBA Legal, we have ready access to Australia’s leading insurance lawyers, as and when we need. Whether we are managing your full claims portfolio, or advising on a discrete problem, clients enjoy significant cost-savings, and faster resolution with integrated legal experts. (Yes, lawyers can actually save you money, when you know how to use them.)

Paratus offers a seamless management of your claims challenge – so even if you prefer to use your current legal advisers, Paratus can work with them to deliver a smoother, more efficient outcome. And you still benefit from early intervention, risk assessment and reporting for continual improvement.

It’s a no brainer.

Early intervention — Rapid assessment — Clear, confident strategy — Staged legal review — Regular risk assessment — Advanced reporting — Expert litigation — Analytics for continual improvement.


We bring you

Specialty Claims Services:
Strategic support to self-insureds and their claims management group,  on discrete problems like complex high cost claims and long tail projects.

Process Excellence:
Lean processing, mapping and solutions to create better flow (and outcomes) in your business.

End-to-end Claims Management:
Partnership with London brokers and underwriters, for seamless claims management along the Paratus Pathway.


The HBA Group

Paratus benefits from its allied businesses within the HBA Group.  HBA Legal provides leading edge legal solutions to players across the insurance industry, and Pillion provides rapid, cost effective administration and paralegal services, and innovative technological solutions.  Together they offer an unparalleled proposition.