Our Secret

We told you about the legal experts, but did you know about our digital solutions?

Our digital solutions extend across our services, ensuring the smoothest process, and the best experience for clients.

We enable you to track claims any time you like, through your personalised client dashboard. We deliver automated, real-time reports any way you like them.

We draw on the skill of HBA Group’s information solution architects to understand your systems and processes, and we create something that works uniquely for you. And we work with your data for predictive analysis and risk mitigation.

We constantly evolve to meet your needs.  That’s a key part of promise, and our capability.

(We can’t reveal too much more here, but we’d love to take you through it in person.)


Paratus Focus

We structure our business around People, Technology, Communication and Partnerships.
It sounds simple, and it is.

People:  all experts in the game.
We identify risk, better options, and when to consult with experts.  We work with full transparency and seamlessly manage the whole process for you.

Technology:  is our thing.
HBA Group’s in-house information solution architects are second to none and do some pretty amazing things. We’ll find a solution that works for you.

Communication:  we love it.
We pick up the phone, we clarify and alert, we get things done by being accessible, friendly and proactive.

Partnerships: is our middle name.
Strategic alliances in the industry ensure we have the optimum information, resources and collaboration on the job.